2017 Missouri Preservation Conference

Jim Talley

Jim Talley
Talley Classic Properties

Jim’s background in historic houses started early. His childhood home until the age of 6 was a large, brick Italianate farm house near New Prague, Minnesota. He still has vivd memories of the attic, the large dining room where his big family ate dinners, and the large kitchen. The evening was spent in the living room listening to comedy and drama serials on the radio.
His wife shares his enthusiasm for historic homes. On a vacation they’ve toured homes in Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi and Texas. Their shelves are filled with books about old houses and historic architecture. While living in a new custom Tudor style how in the Woodlands, Texas, his wife worked as a geophysicist for Mitchell Energy and he sold homes. They bought the Sower house while on a vacation trip to Minnesota in 1981. The once grand home suffered neglect and abuse. Fortunately, with the recommendation of the Culbertson-Head house owner, Warren Head, he found talented contractors to save the Sower house and return it to its former beauty.
They still peruse their interest in historic homes today. They have started Talley Classic Properties and specialize in historic homes. The Jean Baptiste Valle house built in 1784, in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri is the oldest house he has had the privilege to sell.