2017 Missouri Preservation Conference

David and Sally Polc

David Polc was born and grew up in Ilasco. His paternal and maternal grandparents emigrated from Slovakia with their children in the early 1900’s. . Both of David’s grandfathers came to work at the newly built Atlas Portland Cement Plant and lived in company housing and later lived in the Village that grew to be Ilasco . David’s mother and father met and married in Ilasco and David’s father worked at the cement Plant until his retirement. David’s paternal grandmother never had to learn to speak English because her Ilasco Lutheran Church services were in Slovak and her family and friends in the community spoke Slovak. David retired from a career in banking and return to live in the Ilasco area.
Ilasco school and community reunions, with an attendance of up to 500 former residents and students, lead him and others to plan and place memorial monuments in Ilasco and to the organization of the Ilasco Area Historical Preservation Society. A career in banking has been helpful in planning, fundraising, budget and financial management for the Historical Society.

Major Accomplishments at Ilasco

Completion of the Ilasco Village Memorial Monuments in October of 1999.
Completion of the Ilasco Immigrant Monument in October of 2002
Clearing of the former Ilasco Elementary & High School sites as a Memorial Park in 2002
Completion of the Walkway of Memories, the Cement Plant Workers Monument, War Veterans Monument and Ilasco School Memorial Monument in 2010

When Sally married David Polc the houses of the original Village of Ilaso were being torn down and the newly built Highway 79 was to run through the center of the town and the area where the Ilasco Elementary and High School stood. The community welcomed Sally with a delightful foreign accent usually not heard in rural Missouri and wonderful ethnic goodies and homemade wine. Sally worked for several of the Bell Operating companies and retired from a management position with AT&T and moved back to the Ilasco area with her husband. Gregg Andrews had written 2 books about Ilasco and David and Sally felt the need to help preserve the history of a unique company/immigrant town that only existed 60+ years and never incorporated, but at one time was the largest town in Ralls County. They worked together to organize the Ilasco Area Historical Society which was incorporated as a Missouri non-profit organization on December 8, 2000 and subsequently obtaining federal income tax exemption (501C3) status. In May of 2003 they started publishing a quarterly 20 to 30-page newsletter to further preserve pictorial and written history of Ilasco.